Retail Partner: TFORTHREE

TFORTHREE Mirrored Eskimo Woman Vest


Designer Irene Silvestri

A ‘mirrored’ Eskimo, with hooded-polo neck and removable chest vest. Adjustable in different grades of both asymmetrical and symmetrical closing.


Essential in its overall telescopic structure, it is organic and oneiric, a ‘human-like’ garment, according to Whitemouths project interactive formula. Endowed with wide molded plastic zips, automatic eyelet buttons, maxi rope. Eskimo, iconic piece within social revolutions imaginary, meets the revolutionay ‘String Theory’, a quantum physics feauture that considers reality to be crossed by a series of physical entities so called ‘Strings’, matching multiple dimentions or universes. The Eskimo parallel zips stand for the theory of everything strings as much as their different grades of closing (or opening) represent the passage from one dimention to another.

As the military classics, this Eskimo has been developed with a cotton twill fabric.All Over printed, this garment has been treated with innovative enzymatic thermo-responsive process, liable of alteration, when exposed to both tactile or external heat, close and above 20° Celsius degrees, revealing the hidden nuances. Endowed with wide molded plastic zips, automatic eyelet buttons, maxi rope.

The chromatic range is quite variable: it covers a large gray scale from dark ‘peat’, while cold, is breaking up to mid-gray or pearl accents within the print texture, as heat rises.

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