About Scandi Market



Scandi Market is an online shop which reflects Scandinavian tastes and lifestyle. 

When we came up with the concept for Scandi Market, our initial ideas centered around the characteristics of Scandinavian products - minimalistic high quality design, functionality, embodying great materials. Scandinavians have a rich heritage and Scandinavian designers are central to our curation.

At first we were going to restrict ourselves to only carrying products designed and made in Scandinavia. However, on researching and testing this principle it became clear that our focus should widen to align with the needs of the market, rather than characteristics of the products.

Perhaps because of the high living standards and high levels of affluence which Scandinavian countries enjoy, our research showed a high level of demand for luxury goods from all over the world.

So now Scandi Market is a marketplace for Scandinavian products and for luxury products from across the globe. Add to this our capacity to ship worldwide and you can understand why Scandi Market is an e-marketplace both to and from Scandinavia.



Scandi Market offer an expanding range of merchandise which is not limited by the physical size of our warehouses, because we don't have any warehouses! Rather we ship directly from the manufacturer, or from one of the quality retailers in our network, and by working in this way we're able to strip out many of the traditional costs, so we offer these products at the best possible prices.

All of our retail partners - which include a selection of the best boutique stores, exciting new and established designers and some of the most innovative and luxury brands - are carefully selected. Our collections are curated to be high-quality and trendsetting. Taken together, these premium levels of choice and quality, combined with our rigorous selection process, effectively empowers consumers by offering an expanding catalog of stylish and luxury merchandise from many different sources in one place, at their fingertips!

Our business model also has many advantages for the retailers who sell through Scandi Market, offering them a much wider marketplace for their products with lower marketing and advertising costs. And the success of our retailers feeds back into our business model, having a dynamo effect in helping to extend the range of products we offer, which is great for shoppers. 

Although this website has a retail focus, we work with many of the brands we represent on a wholesale basis, which will increasingly offer more and more benefits as we develop our growing network of stores.